May 24th, 2006

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lol..2 of my entries got rejected from icon thought mine didn't have Disney related icons...EXCUSE ME..but Aly & AJ were in Disney Channel movies..they ARE related. and the other community said i couldn't link to my personal journal..but EXCUSE ME..they didn't state that in the rules/info. geezus!!! >:(

...oh well, i posted in lots of comm's last night..and i'm not done. comm's M-Z will be posted tonight. yah..i know..i'm in A LOT of comm's..but i need pimping..i need my stuff to be seen. :D

Today is my sister's 40th birthday. :D i didn't even realize. i always forget when my family's bdays are. my bad. :( she's not really gonna celebrate. haha..shoooot..i wouldn't wanna celebrate my 40th either. but i think if Taylor wins, that'll be a great present for her..and a good reason to celebrate. :D i think i'll ask her to buy some booze to celebrate.

stupid neices are on summer break now. i won't get no sleep. i think i'll HAVE TO change my schedule. :( i can't wear earplugs every day..they hurt my ears. seriously. my ears get sore if i wear them too long. *sobs* oh well. i'll deal.

i think it's bed time now..i should get a few hours of sleep before the brats wake up. -_- AND i don't wanna sleep past 7pm. i've been waking up late too much lately. usually it's about 5 or 6pm. oh well. I WILL NOT MISS THE RESULTS SHOW FOR ANYTHING!!

ooooh..and my sister's bf got robbed. his laptop and both playstation's were stolen. :( that sux. he thinks one of his friend's did it. hmmm...

anyway..yeah...sleep. byebye. :D
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