June 5th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries


Tomorrow is either gonna be the best or worst. or both. depends on if the internet gets shut off. Cox is unpredictable..it might be tonight..it might be a week from now..who knows. but i won't be gone FOREVER...just maybe a week or 2. i'll live. i've already found something to do. either than swimming. ahhaha.

i see you noticed my new icon. made by lidi..in celebration of The Omen. which is gonna kick ass tomorrow. for more of her icons, GO HERE

mmmmmmm Pedja and David T. gonna drool like crazy. muahahha.

i hope to write a review if the 'net is still on. let's hope so.

so....if i'm needed anywhere..either for Mod duties or banner pick up..you'll have to wait. comment here to let me know. k? ok.

*waves bye for now..just in case*
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