June 8th, 2006

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Jett Jackson: The Movie...5 years ago

Some of you may or may not remember this movie. It was the DCOM of the series The Famous Jett Jackson..in which some of my fave Canadian actors came from it. ESPECIALLY Tony. It's where I discovered his fine ass. Anyway, to mark Jett Jackson: The Movie's 5th Anniversary, I made FIFTY icons. yes..50.

OF COURSE, Tony is first in this batch. I found all the pics I could from this movie. I didn't cap it. only tony's scenes. haha.

1. 2. 3.

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STOCK: food - blueberries


I'm supposed to explain the origin of my username. it's..well..self explanitory. i LOVE toronto. and it's from that "I *heart* NY" thing..so i put Toronto instead. satisfied? hehe. good

now i'm supposed to "Tag as many users as there are letters in your name"...so.....it shall be spats_bear, chrisno51, aggiechan, cartoonjessie, dirrtydiesel, junedreaming, just_a_cheryl, polekatz, suede_bear, subzeroace, missblackjackal, beau99, & of course, dearest

although i know how some of you got your names. many people on my friend's list didn't friend me back..those retards, so i just listed whoever. hahahahah.

go crazy. -_-
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