June 11th, 2006

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I wish the internet shut off before the other night..'cause something bad happened. some spyware or whatever found it's way in here. ever since, my computer is going downhill. my task manager is missing, i can't do certain things...etc. :(

yes, i've tried scanners and such. they're not working.

no, i can't reformat my hard drive.

so...whatever happens happens.

i'm in safe mode right now. my only option at this time. i would REALLY love to listen to my music. but unfortunately, sound doesn't work with safe mode. dammit.

i don't know what else to do.

spats_bear, you wanted to know what Ad-Aware came up with in the results, here they are:
8 running processes
340 process modules
7 modules
65 registry keys
292 registry values
265 files
6 folders

..all infected. tried to clean, but didn't do anything.

soooooo i'm screwed, methinks -_-

BTW!! I'm on Trillian now. on "safe mode"..so i'm on AIM/MSN/YIM..so..i can chat on all those now. w/o prob's. but after i'm done chatting with people and doing my thing, i'll go back to normal mode, just for my music. so until this mess is solved, that's my schedule. (i don't think i'll run PhotoShop under safe mode..it just looks funny)
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