June 14th, 2006

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I'm just about UP TO HERE with that damn computer. I can't fix it..at all!! so it don't matter if i'm online or not.

which comes to the reason i'm writing this. i'm offline. 'cause my sister didn't get unemployment or sold her car. :( so....they shut it off monday. i know it sux and you all 'miss' me and whatnot, but it's life. i'll be back...whenever. i dunno.

it really sux more since i have mod duties that i can't fulfill right now. i'm sorry peoples. :(

i wish i knew somewhere else i could go to go online. but i don't. so..i'm stuck at the library every other day.

and i'm trying..TRYING..to fix my computer. it's not working out so well. EVERYTHING is busted. my programs are having tiny errors..one by one. i'm gonna ask my neices' dad if he fixed my computer yet..i want it back. nothing i can do for the one i have..i've done everything i could.

fucking vxgame virus ruined everything!!!! i wish i could sue whoever made edonkey..'cause it screwed me over!!! (it wasn't my fault either, the stupid thing downloaded itself on my computer.so it's not my doing)

so..i'm pissed, depressed, bored, etc. :( well..at least i can go swimming...while i still can. i bet we'll have to move again. we always do when she gets fired.

:( i can't even edit my icontest entry i made..dammit!! nor can i sign onto web messenger. i'm aaangrrryyyyyY!!!!!

ok...i'll stop now. :(
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