June 17th, 2006

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good news...bad news

GOOD news: I FIXED THE COMPUTER!!! all i had to do was to delete the vxgame.exe files. there were about 10 of them. did that in safe mode of course. and now it's fine. i also used Advanced Windows Care (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...also recommended is DustBuster XP) to customize my startup..i chose what to not load when it starts. only takes about 2 minutes to load..instead of 10. so, i'm fine now! :D if only the internet was on. sob sob. I also made more icons and i'm trying to figure out what my next layout will be. hmmm. i dunno. hehe.

BAD news: I'm w/o internet....duh.
GOOD news: my sister got a job!! she starts tomorrow night. from 11pm-7am. hahah. she'll have to adjust to my schedule now.

BAD news: she gets paid every 2 weeks...BUT the first check has to go rent. so the internet might not be paid for a month. :( (her phone is off too..but she says she'll use the babysitting money to pay that)
GOOD news: my bf told my sister a whole bunch of nice stuff about me on the phone. like how we're soul mates and whatnot.

BAD news: he won't like this one bit!! this one weird dude who just moved in with his blind friend, made a move on me in the pool the other night. he got a little turned on for some reason, and touched my legs. that pissed me off. i would rather do the old neighbour than him. he just creeps me out. he's TOO NICE. he talks to everyone. plays with kids, etc. he's just....ew. HELL NAW!!! as much as i would love to get some right now, it will NOT be him!!

*sobs from no internet for 2-4 weeks tops* WAHHHHHHHH!!! WHY MEEEEE!?! :( :( :(

i'm missing out on LIFE..on FRIENDS..on FUN! dammit!!

if that weird guy had internet...oh wait...nm. ew. yuck. i won't go there for internet. no way no sir!!

*goes back to my PhotoShop, music, and Hover! game. i love that game..so much...remember it? it was on Win95*
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