June 20th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries

blahhhhh blah blah

EEeee only about 25 days left w/o internet. 6 more trips to the library..in the heat. this is TORTURE!!

I sure hope the bill gets paid by then. i'm really bored. :(

the stupid keyboard is sticky..ewwwww.

that old man tried to hit on me again. he's 50, i found out. i ONLY want men UNDER 50. besides, i wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft. pole. :( *sobs*

I wonder if StrangeDays notices i'm gone. like they care. oh well..who cares?

ehhhh not much to report on..but you know me, I HAVE to write every time i go here..so my time isn't wasted.

i made 2 nice collages for myself. as in NEVER GONNA SHARE WITH ANYONE!! hahah! they're of Tolga and the HP cast. not sure what they're gonna be used for, actually. sucks that i can't use them as wallpapers. :(

i wish i could steal the internet or something..i'm really going through withdrawl worse than last time. :( i miss you guys!!!!!

but it's nice that my sister is gone at night. i can be loud! :)

well..bye until saturday?
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