June 24th, 2006

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*sigh*...add on a week to my torture. which would be a month until internet goes back on. my sister didn't tell me they add a week on to her first paycheck. i forgot why. her child support can only pay the electric. dammit to hell!!!!!

some kid drowned in the pool the other day..i left the pool a half hour before it happened..so i missed out. the pool was closed for a few days. stupid mother of his was flirting with some guys and not watching her kid. geezus!! not sure if the kid is ok or not.

the neighbors upstairs have seemed to moved or something. my sister thinks they're on vacation..but the man/father goes there every morning. i really really hope they're moving. seriously. noisy bastards.

mmm Michael Riley was sure hot on Lifetime last night. he took his shirt off..and when he was jogging, you could see his stuff bouncing..and he has a nice ass, too!! OH CANADAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Tolga Safer turns 24 on monday. sweeeeeeeeeeeet. :D i luff him. so much.

*sigh*..only 10 minutes left..i have to get the bus early. and i wanna go to Walgreens, too. hahah. i'm so pathetic.

*waves until whenever i wanna come back*
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