June 28th, 2006

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yay..i'm here again. as always.

I'm thinking i'm gonna go to the library every 4 or 5 days. i'm not really going through much withdrawl. that probably means i'm sorta sick of the internet..but you all know i'm not. i guess i'm just used to it being off all the time.

my sister's phone is still off too...so we're both suffering.

so...23 days left.

i'm not gonna do anything on July 4..neither is my sister. :( she'll probably just hang with her bf at a bar or something. while i get to stay home all alone watching basic cable. BOOO!!! and fireworks on tv sucks...it's not the same dammit!!!

hmm...news..news...ohhhh my 13 yr old neice FINALLY got her period. hahhaha. not something you guys would wanna know..but she told me. not sure why she told me. o_O she's not really the one to tell personal stuff to. oh well. now the whole female household can menstruate together. hahahaha. that's not a good thing.

anyway...just saying hi. :)
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