July 17th, 2006

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oooooh baby

OH MY GOSH!! 4 more days!! :D :D :D it's been 5 weeks. daaaamn!!

not much going on ..the usual. except one nasty thing happened the other day. that one weird old guy..his blind friend (who looks like Andrea Bocelli)..um..he wants me to take his virginity. he's probably in his 40's. um...HELL NO!! what makes him think he could get it up with me? hahhahahahh. (he had a gf before..but he was so nervous, he couldn't get it up) i think i'll pass. (unless a million dollars was involved)

anyway...i have a new fandom. a show called Kyle XY. it's on ABC Family/ABC. it's odd that i get attracted to shows made in canada. it's not that well acted IMO (meaning it's predictable), probably 'cause it's filmed in Vancouver. muahaha. OH NO I DI'INT JUST DISS THE VANCOUVER ACTORS!! *cough*TORONTO ACTORS ALL THE WAY*cough* hahah!! anyway..yeah..it's good. i suppose. probably won't last the first season, though. but then again, this isn't a major network. who knows. but anyway, i don't really think he's an alien..probably a clone or something. and i can't wait until he gets an erection and doesn't know what to do with it. hahah!! anyway, it'll be on tonight..WATCH IT!!! muaha.

well....4 days..like i said before. 4 freaking days left. wooooooooohoooooooooooooooo. i shall come back to my reign of terror on you all.

so...SEE YOU THEN!!!!
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