July 29th, 2006

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community cleanout

As of this morning, I joined my 700th community. Probably my 20th or so since I got my internet back last week. I fear there may be a limit to how many you can join...so i'm doing a cleanup.

I'm gonna leave the communities that have not had any activity since last year, not interested in, and ones that aren't even friended.

This probably won't help my friends page much. Since the ones i'm staying in post there daily.

I'm not defriending people. There is a way to view your friends page w/o it getting cluttered if you're in alot of communities like me. So..you guys' posts don't clutter my page. I view it LIKE THIS..so there's no worry.

I also made adjustments to my interests list. it sux that the limit is 150. :(

Anyway..yeah. hehe. a lot of work to be done. it'll take a few days.

*left 41 communities since I wrote this. a half hour ago to be exact. i'm not even up to the b comm's yet. sheesh!!