August 6th, 2006

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Yesssss....on Friday, ABC Family is gonna air Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. :D I wanted to record it 'cause we lost the DVD. :( and i heard a rumour that the HP DVD's are being taken off the shelves later this year. so..better record those movies now while i still can.

it BETTER be the CoS with the deleted scenes. i know Disney Channel aired the movie with those included awhile back.

but then again, since the schedule says it'll run 240 minutes (4 hours), there's a good chance they will.

and I found out that Edward Tudor Mr. Borgin (deleted scene..with the Malfoy's. that dark arts store seller person) was in The Sex Pistols, I was curious to watch him again in the movie. i'll ask people for the songs he sang later. i never heard his music before.

anyway..yeah. so much good stuff airing this month. The Emmy's..Teen Choice Awards. and CoS of course. hehe.

oh, and i FINALLY recorded the whole episode of Naturally Sadie..."The Last Waltz"...'cause i did an oopsie while recording tony a few months ago. when i'll cap him in that, who knows. whenever i get to it.

off to bed.
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