August 31st, 2006

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one more entry before i go to bed. sorry.

OMG i just overheard my sister's bf say that the computer crashed. again. gave that "operating system cannot be found" thing again. OMG what the hell are those brats doing?! MYSPACE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THEM! i never go on that site now. so don't expect me to be active on that. i can't have that crap happen to me. ever.

they are in so much trouble.


something told me to watch tv this morning so i did. i came across a special called "Gum Disease" on one of the local stations. had a dentist on there in my city. he was talking about laser gum surgery. i wrote his name and number down. it would cost me $2000-4000 to get this done. IF i have gum disease. i think i might. my mom had it. might be genetic..i dunno. i believe i'm in the very early stage. i have most of the symptoms. (bleeding/sorta receding gums, slightly loose teeth...not sure if i have bad breath or not..i never heard anyone complain) they showed what normal dentists do. they cut and peel back your gums and scrape off the tartar and remove the bad gum tissue. and stitch it up later. laser surgery is the painless alternative. i think i'd rather have that with a nice big bill than being cut and stuff and to have pain for months and months.

don't know if i have it for sure. have to see a dentist first.

now it's time for bed. glad my teeth aren't hurting terribly this morning. it's been bad the past few days.
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