September 2nd, 2006

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i think my heart just stopped:

GASP!! they still have tickets available! :D cheap too! what i was hoping for. i don't care how crappy the seat is, I WANNA FREAKING GO!

this would be the perfect birthday present. i think i'll ask my sister and david to combine the cost.

now, i'll have to get a ride to and from. i would be going alone. which would kinda suck. not sure who would go with me. i think i'll ask Becky, but i dunno if she likes Evanescence...but she's the type that would. but as for me, i don't really look like an Evanescence fan..i hope i would blend in there. that's why i want a seat in the back. i know what goes down at rock concerts in the front area. hahah. i would get pounded. lol!!

so anyway..yeah. i was gonna tell my sister immediately, but she went to bed.

i hope they don't run out of tickets. must...go....*twitch*

ETA!! *gasp!* she said ok!! :D :D :D she better hurry and get a ticket. i don't want them running out! and since i'll most likely go alone, i signed up at the EVBOARD and i'll find some people to hang out with when i go. so i won't be TOTALLY alone :)
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STOCK: food - blueberries

something i learned today

I REALLY need to get to bed. but first, i wanna tell you guys something that will save some disk space.

Windows users, IF YOU DO NOT USE HIBERNATE, disable that!! it will save you some space. my hiberfil.sys was about 500MB, as the picture said it was, now it's not there since i disabled it. now i have 1.2GB of space :D

now i have to find out more info on configuring my pagefile.sys one. it's basically your virtual memory file. i'm set at the default. which is about 1GB. it SHOULD be at 896 but the pagefile.sys grows..depending on how much the computer is used. i'm thinking about putting it at 700MB, but i'm not sure. i'm scared. i'm gonna find out more info on that.

good 'night' :D
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