September 4th, 2006

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more help needed

Ok, I got more disk space and got rid of a few problems. except one. i still can't get my desktop wallpaper to work. I got rid of the spysherriff that was on here. I deleted the winstall.exe like this article told me to..but the problem is, i don't have the active desktop registry keys. i think this might be a good thing. i dunno.

well, i did get rid of the blue screen with the warning on it. now it's white. i can't get a pic to go on there. i can see a wallpaper pic when i pretty ctrl+alt+delte, and log on and off of windows. but i just can't get it to work on my desktop.

here's a thumbnail of what i have going on now. as you can see, i cannot edit my wallpaper settings. i can only choose a background color.
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I also enabled customizing stuff. so now i'm pink and whatever. i couldn't do that before. but i just can't get this damn wallpaper problem out of the way.

i'd appreciate your guys' help. thanks :D
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