September 5th, 2006

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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! my desktop wallpaper is restored! :D :D :D this smart cool guy from a computer help comm. IMed me on AIM, helped me all night fixing my problems..through my registry entries!! :D

so..i fixed:
*my desktop wallpaper (eliminated that blue screen)
*my task manager is back
*i got all my settings in my display thing back.

and he sent me a link to the driver site that i need for my display driver. so i can try to upgrade it to eliminate my display problems. (the bright colors and streaks across the screen)

oooh yay!! :D :D :D

and my friend is coming over tomorrow to buy my Ev ticket for me. my sister can pay him back.

and the bad news for the day:
* my stupid chair broke! i sat on it too quickly and it bended!! so i'm sitting on my bed. my back hurts!! the only chair we have is too small for my ass and it's hard it matter how many pillows i put on it. but david will bring me a chair tomorrow.
*the internet might be shut off anytime between now and the 15th. my sister got her car fixed and had to pay $300 for it. so if i'm gone, sorry! it won't be long. i promise!! and besides, she got a raise! she'll have extra money on her next check :D

so yay. today is extra special. and House season 3 starts tonight! :D :D :D
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