September 19th, 2006

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AAARRRRR MATEYS!!! Since I suck at talking like a pirate, I'll just skip that.

If you guys haven't hear Weird Al Yankovic's new album yet, you're in for some great stuff. Especially for my Canadian friends. He made a song that mocks American Idiot and it's called Canadian Idiot. Now, before you Canucks get all offensive and pissed off, MIND YOU, Weird Al makes fun of tons of shit. and besides, we make fun of make fun of us. big happy family.

here's the song:
Weird Al - Canadian Idiot


Anyway, he even made a parody of Taylor Hicks song "Do I Make You Proud"

Weird Al - Do I Creep You Out

Here's a video of a song he did called White and Nerdy. Youtube took it off, so it's on Google.
White and Nerdy

I love Weird Al. I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

Um..AaRRRRRGH!!! *waves sword*

EDIT: I just noticed LJ pimped out their site to be more pirate-ish. haha. i was wondering why the head things have eye patches. and frank the goat is pirate pimped. and the update journal thing says "Update Captains Log" LOL!
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