September 24th, 2006

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fangirl moment

Finally got to record more Tony tonight. DAMN I WANT HIS BODY!! seriously. i love him and his gapped tooth self. and his pretty blue eyes and pretty brown hair. i wanna suck on him like a leech. but not sucking out blood. muahahha. if you know what i mean. hehe.

anyway...i'm still sick. that sure ruined my weekend. this cold thing. now i'm gonna have to deal with my stupid neice here for two more weeks. can't go online until about 11pm now 'cause her myspace shit is more important than her real life. her grades are dropping 'cause of that site. I TOLD MY SISTER TO BAN THAT SITE FROM HER COMPUTER! but noooo..i think my sister is soft on her. my older neice doesn't even live here anymore. i don't think my sister wants to 'lose' another daughter. and she just wants to spend time with her cheating lying boyfriend. to get her daughter away from her.

well i don't think it's fair! i got shit to do online!! i don't got time for this crap.

aww crap. it's midnight. *bangs head on the wall*

oooh yes, yesterday, i noticed icon theivery of a different level. i won't say who or what community..since two of you have friended this individual...but i will say this. BE ORIGINAL, icon makers. geezus. don't copy people's work. even if it is cropping a pretty stock image the same way and upping the color on it...the same way. damn. people these days. sad. really sad.

psht...the icon i saw at the community i'm in is tons better than what this person posted. shiiiiiiiit.
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