October 6th, 2006

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friends cut

goodbye to...

_iconmania (reason: have not updated since 2005)
dj43 (reason: she never posts there anymore, only on her comm)
hell00 (reason: i have no clue who you are. :( plus, journal is never updated)
kukukisakuku (reason: i don't know who you are. journal is never updated)
lailaraine (reason: journal is never updated anymore.)

so, no offense to any of you. if you'd like to be added back, let me know. i'll add you on my OTHER LJ. k? ok.

sorries. i can't get over-cluttered

as for the rest of you lucky people who are stayin', YO!!! you also get a lollypop for being active and interesting people on (and off) LJ. :D props to ya. CHEEMO!
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STOCK: food - blueberries

lol another post lol

I'm not really into Pride & Prejudice or Lost, but DAMN these icons are good!

Anyway, I did my flist browsing, on both browsers with both usernames in 3 hours. that's a freaking record right there! glad i left all those communities.

now, i'll have to do my mp3_share daily browse now..for yesterday. i had to remove that from my flist last week. they post about 100 or so entries a day. i think it's faster i browse the calendar daily. and sooo happy they're using tags. i usually look in the tags area when i'm scrolling down until something catches my eye. hehe.

well..it's friday. new Numb3rs tonight :D

and i'm sooooo happy Heroes is picked up for a full season on NBC. :D :D :D that show is da shit! you guys HAVE to check it out.

i'm sooo happy charles came over yesterday. that was pretty ironic. i probably won't see him again until tuesday, which is my bday. i was too tired to fully enjoy his company. i slept from 430pm-11pm :( how am i supposed to adjust my schedule to NORMAL people time when this crap happens? geezus!

*tries to think of anything else to add so i don't crowd your flist's with more random shit*.....mmkay. i'm done.
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