October 11th, 2006

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Do any of you wonderful artists here (or if you know anyone) wanna make me a fanart for my bday? :( please?

I would love for it to be of Karkaroff with my HP character (Esmeralda Fitzgerald..in my icon) sort of an intimate type of thing. i got pics of the girl that i use her for, so you'll know what she looks like. HERE. there's lot of pic galleries there. she basically has long black hair, freckles, and VERY bright blue eyes.

so, if any of you would, i'd LOVE you forever.

and i don't care if it's movie igor or book igor. go crazy. hehehe.

as far as something in return, i can't draw for shit. i can only do PhotoShop type stuff. and i have no money, so i can't buy it. but since it's my birthday, i'd figure i'd ask anyway.

and i don't care how pervy you make it. lol!

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STOCK: food - blueberries

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caturday FTW!! hahah, it's great.

I did NOT have a good bday. why? 'cause my friends and bf didn't come over..AT ALL. nor did they call. David (and his family) didn't come over, 'cause he's 'sick'..he's ALWAYS sick..every damn week. Becky pretty much forgot i exist. and Charles..my bf...didn't call OR come over either. wow. he promised to take me out, dammit! i'm so pissed off right now. Why was i forgotten? :( What is wrong with people? shit!!

i just moped around the whole damn night, drinking my canadian beer..and half a bottle of wine. I don't think i ever drank so much. i found out that i'm one the type of drunk that just gets REALLY tired and passes out. i did that on the couch. lol! slept there for 3 hours. i thought i got shot! 'cause something woke me up. i think i'd know if a bullet went through the wall. and besides, how could someone do a drive-by @ my apartment? lol! they can do a walk-by, though. hehe. anyway, i heard something make a loud bang in my head..weird! well, glad it woke me up..but damn..hehe.

i was even soooo sad, that i missed the damn Scream Awards. shit. :( meh. it'll probably repeat.

well that was a screwed up bday. :(

oh yeah, me and dipshit canadian chris made up...i guess. his dA got banned 'cause of some cancellation problem. i dunno. it's confusing. he ain't mad at me. lol! after all that crap i told him. now he's pretty much saying all this nice stuff to me. like i'm the coolest girl no matter what i do. w/e. :P
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGAHHHHHh!! i did NOT know this!! but....


OOohhh Pedja fans, celebrate w/me! sweet! :D I hope Mandy knows, she's not feeling well right now. this will sure make her happy! Now i know what i'm going to ask my sister on Friday what my bday present will be! :D :D :D


there's the poop on it.

Ok, I didn't TOTALLY miss The Scream Awards, it'll rerun this weekend. And I also forgot that FUSE (a MTV wannabe type of channel..but rock inspired) is also having a horror movie award show. the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. I voted on their site. For THE OMEN, and EVANESCENCE. yippeeeee. sux that Land of the Dead didn't get nominated. oh well. -_- that'll air on SUNDAY 10/22.
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