October 17th, 2006

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fellow icon makers..this has to be said...

..i lack the guts to comment this on comm's bitching about this place:

LMAO @ the drama @ iconscraper

ahem..don't get offended..

first of all..STOP BITCHING ABOUT YOUR BANDWIDTH!! especially if you're on PhotoBucket. if you're hosting on PhotoBucket, it's unlikely that your bandwidth will get fucked, since PB upgraded their limit. and besides, it'll reset. if you guys would get a paid account there, you shouldn't worry at all. (i wish i could..shoooooot)


i really don't care if my shit ends up on there. the likelyness of my bandwidth getting messed up is very low. and i don't care if people steal my shit, i find it as a compliment actually.

ahhhh get pissed at me..i don't mind. but damn, so much drama over something that is totally stoooopid.

btw, that person posting on that community didn't steal those icons, a FEED did. XP
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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first of all...

WE GOT A CAT!! :D :D :D Finally after 3 years of being cat-less.

Her name is Zoe. She's 5 years old. My sister's friend gave her to us 'cause she's moving to Florida. She's black and brown.. and chubby, too. She's REALLY sweet. All she wants is attention. She got used to our apartment pretty quickly. She's a TOTAL attention whore. She'll just keep meowing and pace around you until you pet her. she's sooooo sweet :D

too bad she's not totally mine..i hate sharing. lol. but i can tell she likes me best. ;) so far.

well, my allergies aren't acting up TOO badly. but i've sneezed and had itchy eyes and skin so far. but my breathing is ok. i get really bad asthma with cats. i don't really like going to my bf's 'cause he has 3 cats. lol!

she's a good kitty :D i'm happy now. i won't be lonely!

ANYWAY, i've been MIA 'cause I'm having a busy week. I HAD an appointment with a therapist yesterday, but the damn bitch cancelled ALL her appointments for that day. why in the hell didn't she tell me? not only did i waste my time, i also only had 3 hours of sleep and had to take the damn bus home. :( i could have called my sister, but i wanted to go to my bf's. which i did. but no one was there! :( he didn't tell me which building number his apt is in. that frustrated me..and wasted my time. :( sob sob. but anyway, i got another appointment today. *sigh* i'll have to wake up an hour earlier this time..unless my sister is too tired to take me. -_-

anyhoo, i have to apologize to my WHOLE flist. I'm sorry that I'm unable to comment on your guys' posts alot. sometimes i have time, sometimes i don't. don't think i don't care, i do! :D

i'll post pics that i've taken soon. :) you'll get to see more uglies of me, and some pics of Zoe, too.

*goes back to playing with Zoe*
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