October 23rd, 2006

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oooh yay!! :D look who won a Fangoria Chainsaw Award!

Creepiest Kid: Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, THE OMEN


too bad Evanescence lost the Femme Fetale Award. losers :(

yah, i looked up spoilers, so sue me. :P

Speaking of The Omen, my sister rented it! that sure surprised me. she came home last night, she said, "i rented that movie with that guy you like" (Pedja)...i was like, "how do you know which one? and how do you know who?"..well..she knows. odd, ain't it. i would have rather liked it if she bought it, though. but oh well.

well, i was watching the end with her (omg she is soooooooo scared of religious related horror films..she's paranoid..her cell phone kept ringing every time they showed a cell phone in the movie..lols!!), and i noticed something about David Thewlis' teeth. is he missing a tooth? o_O on the bottom row. or is that a big gap? weird.

anyway, back to the award show. i can't miss anymore.
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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Tony Munch fans in Canada LISTEN UP!!! I got some info on when "Above and Beyond" will air!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!

It will air next weekend. a two night event. on Oct 29th and 30th. NOT nov. 6th. I'm so glad I googled.

more info:

Kaytee will record it for me. i hope she remembers. :/ she's the only one willing. you will, won't you, Kaytee? you should get a new tape, preferrable one that isn't one of those cheap ones. i hate bad quality. lols! and make sure it'll record for 2 hours each night (it's a 4 hour miniseries), commercials included. everyone who records stuff for me in canada NEVER includes commercials, and that sux. 'cause i wanna see your guys' stuff. :P

it's only gonna be aired in Canada, btw. sorry. :(

oh yeah, i heard Naturally Sadie is getting a 3rd season. not sure when that'll film. All i know is, Tony is a regular on that show now. :D

Sadly, no news on his movie .45. :( IMDb lists that it'll come out this year, but no date is known. dammit!!!!!!!!1 >:(
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