October 24th, 2006

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AHHH NOOOO!!! the time has come!! I got a dentist appoinment today..FINALLY! in 6 hours. erm, 10am. i choose a dentist at random from my insurance listing. closed my eyes and pointed, actually. it seems to be a popular place. it's called Desert Dental. there are about 5 or so dentists in that office that accept my insurance. the lady on the phone didn't tell me who i'm seeing.

So, David is gonna take me there. I'm not sure what they're gonna do or how long i'll be in there. all i know is, PLEASE GET RID OF THESE DAMN PROBLEMS I'M HAVING!! dammit!

I signed off my IM's. I'm not gonna be wanting to chat with anyone. I'll be miserable and eating soup and shit for a few days. :( so yeah...it'll suck ass.

I had 'one last meal' before my 'execution' last night. Carl's Jr. to be exact. *drool* damn i love their western bacon cheeseburgers. *still drooling*

So, now it's sleepy time. :(

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STOCK: food - blueberries

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that...was..GAY! my insurance is soooo stupid. they have to do one problem at a time, and get approval from my insurance company before they can do anything to my teeth. so i was in there for 20 minutes. all they did was take an x-ray of ONE tooth ('cause they have to fix one problem at a time..gay), and more pain meds. they have to have a dental surgeon take out that tooth. so, as soon as they get approval from my insurance company, they'll have me call this place and get an appointment with them, and have that pulled out. i'll have to repeat that process for other teeth as well.

that's sooooo fucked up. well, free things don't come easy.

shit, i thought i'd be all fixed by now.

well, at least i'll get to eat my stuff and go to the stress/anxiety meeting on thursday, and the Ev concert on Friday (if i get a ticket that is)

damn..what a waste of time. more meds. woohoo -__-
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