November 2nd, 2006

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oy yay!! lj_feedback answered my question :D

ihearttoronto -- In the future, is it possible to add a mood theme and music section to the comments area? (i hope you understand that)

-- It's certainly possible, but I don't think it's something we'll be doing. In general, comments aren't as "feature-rich" as entries are -- you don't have the full range of options and whatnot with comments as you do with entries -- so we avoid adding extra fields to comments. If you want to mention your mood/music, you can just say so in the comment itself. ;)

I started to think about the question i asked. and i think the designers or whoever would probably not want to add the mood pics with the comments. just the words. i should have added that to my question. 'cause who would want all those mood pics loading? not me.

and i was going to start to doing the mood/music thing in the comments myself, but that would sorta look retarded. it would annoy tons of people. lol!

anyway, in other news..not gonna get my teeth pulled any time soon. 'cause my insurance only allows for emergencies, and one tooth at a time. RETARDED! so, since i'm not in pain right now, i don't need anything done. lol! i barely bought any food for this week...dammit!

well, someone uploaded a bootleg of an Evanescence concert from last week in Denver. VERY good quality. some live stuff is pure shit, and screaming fans don't make the audio any better. but on this one, it's ok. EXCEPT for Good Enough. dammit people, STFU and let the girl sing. shit!! >:(

well, if i can't go to a concert, i might as well listen to audio and look at pics from the concert. :( *sobs*

my friend better get his ass over here so he can extend my paid account for the next year. i only got 9 days left. :(
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