November 7th, 2006

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IT'S ELECTION DAY!! vote wisely!!

I already voted, of course. through mail. so nah nah!! :P

Your Vote Score: 42% Republican, 58% Democrat

You are truly an independent voter, and you don't fit well with either party.
Maybe you should choose one issue to vote on - or look into third parties!

I just don't know what i am anymore. i'm divided on issues. some i agree with rep's, some with dem's.

why can't there be an option for "none of the above" on ballots? :(

Maybe we should all chose the OTHER parties. and screw both republicans and democrats over. :P lol. i wonder what kind of change would happen if a different party was in office. hmmmm. *ponders*


and i want the minimum wage raised, so vote YES on that one. okies? ok.

SO, it's up to us America. Do you wanna stay the course of things (with Republicans), or do you want change? (with democrats)

GOOD LUCK TO ALL PARTIES!! :D and happy voting.
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