November 10th, 2006

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Pimping once again:

ohcanadaicons is pretty much self explanitory. It's icons, all Canada related. Whether it be movies, tv, celebs, scenery, has to be all related to Canada. Come and join in! We need more members and posts. :)

Don't believe me on how cool it is? Well, click the banner ;) You know you can't resist the cute beaver!
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STOCK: food - blueberries

ACK!! HELP!! please? :(

WOAH! i've been with LJ for two years now :D

Anyway, i'm in DESPERATE need of help. David is being REALLY stupid and is ignoring my emails and IM's. he's supposed to come over to extend my paid account for a year, as my late bday present..and he has NOT done so. I told him a month ago that i wanted to. and he agreed. this is upsetting 'cause my account expires in two days. and he's failed me. miserably. just like he did when he was too late on getting my Evanescence ticket. i missed out on the concert of a lifetime 'cause of him. and now this.

So, if any of you guys can extend my account, i'd LOVE YOU FOREVER! i'll do ANYTHING you want. seriously. i REALLY don't want to go back to a plus account..let alone a basic one..EVER AGAIN.

think of it as an early xmas present.

He'll at least listen to me around christmas time. but until then, i don't know what's up his ass. i'm really disappointed in him.

*goes to cry* :'(

EDIT: So if he DOES come over and gives me my present, than i'll go ahead and say nevermind to this post. hehe. but until then, i'll be waiting for him. it's 11am right now..he usually comes over at this time. so he's either sleeping or is out and about doing errands. so i'm not sure. but i'll see what happens. -_-

EDIT2: AWWW CRAP!! I just checked out a forum he goes to, and it turns out his son has the day off from school 'cause it's a damn holiday. HE DID NOT TELL ME THIS! so, i'm screwed. DAMN HIM!
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