November 14th, 2006

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ATTN: Fellow Paid Member friends

As many of you know, we suffered an outage last week. We lost a second power circuit after the planned outage of another. Though our systems are redundant, losing such a large number at once was more than what the systems could handle. There were also a number of fallout issues discovered after the outage that attributed to some parts of the site being slow and/or unusable.

In light of this, we wanted to compensate our Paid users for the downtime. This offer applies only to active paid accounts during the outage window from Friday (11.03.06 at 12:01am GMT) through Monday (11.06.06 ending 11:59pm GMT).

Follow the link below to receive 7 days of additional paid time:

This extension claim expires in a week on Monday, 11.20.06 (at 11:59pm GMT).



Anyway, I should have posted a few days ago. Lol. My account got extended for a year. Thanks to a friend who helped me in my time of need. (No, not David..not sure where he is) I helped back, of course. And a HUGE thank you and you're welcome goes out to this individual. I don't know if they want me to say who it is. hehe. So, i'll just leave it at that. :D

*sigh* :D

Anyway, I did something illegal the other night. haha. Wasn't that big. and no, it didn't involve drugs or sex. :P

I don't know where my bf is. He moved a few weeks ago. I've not seen or heard from him since we had dinner. Partly my fault since i've not called his mom's bf yet. I need to get his new address. And a phone # if he has one. :/

and wasn't Heroes tight tonight?!? :D :D :D MUCH better than last week. Damn, I love Matt. (the guy in my icon) That guy is HOT. So is Mohinder...Peter...etc.

House should be good tonight. I can't wait. DAMN I LOVE THOSE SHOWS!!
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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*PHEW!!!* That thing my neice posted on her myspace. is one of those "this is soooo sad OMG! this is a true story! pass it on!" type of things. she forgot to put who it was from. she didn't write it.

thank goodness.

anyway, i got an email with the subject "FROM CHARLES" i thought it was my bf. dammit to hell! it was just spam. :(

*sigh*..i need a guy who freaking here for me. i wish i could get the man i want. i dunno. I'd choose Tony over any man on this earth...but he ain't single. damn. neither is Alan...or Pedja...etc. Tolga is...but hell would freeze over if i was that lucky. hahahaha!

but...back to reality....i guess i should go out more often. lol!
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