November 19th, 2006

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*We're moving. That's right. moving. again. -_- BUT this time, it's to a house. My neices' dad is moving, so he's gonna rent his house to us. That's awesome. It has a pool and jacuzzi. and a nice yard, too. it's a cool house. I get my own room! :D but it's an add-on on the side of the house. where the driveway is supposed to be. it's got walls and a door and stuff. he uses it as a relaxation area. it's got a cable and internet hook up. so i'll be AOK. we're gonna move in a few months. i think in january.

*My bf called me the other day. Probably 'cause i called his friend looking for him. He gave me his # and address. so it's all good. i think i might spend Thanksgiving at his house again.

*Didn't get my "Above and Beyond" tape yet. dammit :(

*i REALLY hope they release some Occlumency and/or Snape's Worst Memory stills soon. I MUST have some. haha.

*Degrassi fans, who do you think will die? Everyone says it might be JT..but who knows. lol!

*Does Torchwood air in the US? i wanna see what all the fuss is about. i know it's related to Doctor Who.

*David Tennant has an uncut ween. yah..i've seen a pic of it. lols. :P

*Not sure if Alan does or not. the screencap from Dark Harbour was very blurry. All i know is, he's got quite a bit of pubes. :P lols.

*Why am i talking about actor weiners? i have no clue.

*I also have screencaps of Tony in a speedo. lols!

*OOOOOOOk i'm done for now. :P
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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oh yes..forgot to mention.

I downloaded the HP: SS audio book again. to give it another try. i left off with chapter 3. i finished chapter 10 last night. i think i'll finish it in two days. it's easier with an audio book. i'm not good at reading. i've not read much since school. and my attention span sucks. then i can go on to CoS..etc. 'cause i feel like a total dumbass being an HP fan, but haven't read listened to any of the books. hahah.

the girl couldn't upload HBP. she says it has 'issues'. not sure what she means. but oh well. i'll just request it elsewhere.

I managed to make 40 or so icons for iconobsessed while listening. since making icons doesn't take all my brain power, i was able to focus on the story too. hahahah.

well, from what i've listened to until chapter 11 is....damn i hate hermione. and peeves rules. hahahah. too bad he wasn't in the movies. dammit. :( HP needs comic relief, dammit!

perhaps i'll write something when i'm done listening to all of these.
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