November 26th, 2006

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I made Zoe a little stocking for Christmas! (she's our cat) I took some glitter and glue and pimped it up a bit. Put her name on it, of course. and attempted to make paws. it's so cute. the letters look stupid 'cause glue and felt don't mix. hehe. but it looks ok.

awww. i can't wait until we stuff it with treats and such. she's so spoiled :P

*is a proud mommy*

Anyway...i've not been wanting to be online much these days. I don't even wanna make graphics. I guess i'm actually desiring to have a real life. hahah! must....escape...*twitch*

So....don't get mad or whatever if i'm:
*not making stuff
*not entering icontests
*breaking promises
*being bitchy
*being boring
*not being a good mod
*being a slow git

:( damn internet. DAMN YOUUUUUUU!!!

I remember the days when there was no internet. I would play outside all day. Watch those neat 90's shows. but noooooooo it just HAD to be invented. Have kids sit on it 24/7, becoming fatter and fatter. (yes, i believe the internet, mainly myspace, is one of the causes of a fatter and lazy america these days) They would come home from school, watch Disney Afternoon and Nickelodeon, and go outside and play. not worrying about checking email or wondering who's on their top 8. now, these days suck balls. MAJOR BALLS! Shows are more stupid (the kid shows), the internet is making us more sinful (like i could care about being sinful. i'm full of it. hahah), i could go on and on.

but who am i kiddin'? things happen. times change. and it may or may not get worse. who knows.

not totally saying the internet is a bad thing. since it brings people together and people can learn and stuff. (like encyclopedia's/research and whatnot online) i'm just sayin' that we could be less lazy than we are. *gains more weight sitting here*

I've even lost reading and writing skills due to being online for years. and not being in school for awhile. sure, i'm good at typing, but writing sucks. i'm not as good as i used to be. :(

and yes, i am sober. hahaha. i'm just doing some deep thinkin'. :/
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YAY! :D I finished Chamber of Secrets this morning. 2 down, 4 to go.

i'm in an audio book downloading community and i was wondering..
which voice is less annoying, Jim Dale or Stephen Fry?
I found HBP uploaded in 3 separate posts. two for SF and one for JD.
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There was pandimonium *sp?* around the Evanescence world today. mainly on evthreads and About leaks and whatnot. Some guy is claiming to have Ecotone, but i'm not sure. but i'll post it when i get my hands on it. Anyway, there is a fan made remix..or is it a demo?..of The Only One that got out today. So, is it a remix or a demo? who knows..who cares. all i know rules :D

And here it is! The Only One remix/demo/whatever it is. thanks to eternalshame!

have fun kids!
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