November 28th, 2006

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EEE!! I have a new crush!!

Nope, it ain't wrong. not wrong at all to love a bad guy. hahaha.

Anyway, Heroes is probably gonna give me a freaking heart attack next week. Plus, we'll be Heroes deprived until january. but fear not, Christopher Eccleston will join the cast! YAY NINE!

Poor Charlie. she was gonna die anyway. :( but poor Hiro...heartbroken..:( geezus.

I like Eden's hair when it was long. she's a pretty girl. lol..dooonnnuts...heheh. matt+donuts OTP (er..donuts? doughnuts? sp? :( )

last but not least on my Heroes post, what is Sylar's original power? *is confused* (lol..clock fetish) and do you think he eats the brains of the people he kills? i'm not sure. :/
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