December 7th, 2006

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Kate Winslet on not wanting plastic surgery:
"Personally I would like to grow old with my face being able to move."


And, this is also very true. WOOO GO DAVID! :D

I'm going to mess with the Expressive layouts a little more to see how i can put a header image of my own there. I didn't know that it can be done. so..yeah. it can! :D

Anyway, I get those teeth pulled out in 12 hours. Glad i got meds to calm me down. Xanex. yay. :)
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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That...was...AWESOME! Better than I expected.

I saw the needle and I was like, "oooh God, here it comes" and then she put a nice cherry flavour numbing stuff. yummy! She gave me 3 shots. I was laying there, getting numb for about a half hour. I just kept staring at my x-ray. lols. I sure fucked up those teeth. :(

Anyway, onto the pullin'. She had a hard time pulling them. It felt like my skull was gonna smash 'cause of the pressure. It only took about 10 minutes or so. It sucks that she didn't let me keep those teeth. she said it's a waste hazard or whatever. damn :( oh well.

The novacaine is wearing off. I can feel it getting sore. So, I took my meds. I have to change my gauze before I go back to sleep.

you know what sucks? she didn't stitch up the holes. :(

I feel ok now, but i bet i'll feel like shit in the days/weeks to come. oh well. :) it'll be worth it in the end. no more pain!

and most importantly.....

NO MORE FUCKING CANDY! i'm done! only once in a while i'll indulge. but it's all those sweets that got me in this mess. I suck :(

Oh yeah, David bought me extra userpics :D He's not visited me 'cause he's been sick. :( heart problems.

Anyway, yay. It went fine. back to bed!
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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Oooooh boy. These meds make me sooooo damn tired. I almost overslept. I HAD to go to the store to get:

I'm eating chunky pea soup with bacon. i know i'm not supposed to start on i'm not sure if this counts as a solid food. so, i'm avoiding the bacon bits. i can't chew them anyway..stupid gauze. lol!

Anyway, the new Drake Bell album is ok. I liked the first one better, though.

And Taylor Hicks new album rules! :D

Speaking of music, i'm not too fond of the Grammy nominations. Ev didn't get nominated. but i think it's too soon since their album released two months ago. lol! and the HSM soundtrack didn't get nothin' either. damn. oh well.
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