December 8th, 2006

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I'm thinking about cheating during my recovery. lol! I REALLY want soda. BADLY. I wanna go to Circle K and get a big gulp or whatever it's called. Diet Coke with a squirt of raspberry flavouring. *drools* But since i'm not supposed to use a straw for the first couple of days, i could just sip it. I'm using gauze to cover the holes, not only to stop the bleeding (which pretty much stopped), but to protect from food. So, it wouldn't matter if i did or not.

Besides, coldness makes the swelling go down. As far as i can tell, there hasn't been any swelling yet. But it is quite sore. But nothin' I can't handle. It's a mere pain that was NOTHING compared to the pain I endured when those teeth hurt. which i'm glad is over with.

Feels odd not having a tooth there. At least i won't be in agony.

My sister is gone for tonight. I should reak havoc and cause caos. lol! At least I got Zoe to keep me company. She's a good cat.

Speaking of Zoe, the past two days, she's been REALLY sweet to me. More so than usual. I think she knows about my teeth being pulled. 'cause she's NEVER sat on my chest. she knows. i know she does. she's here to keep me happy. it's helping with my recovery. i know it is. bless her. &hearts:

on tonight's menu: tomato soup with crackers. yay!

i'd rather have a tv dinner, though. but oh well. in time. time. :/
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