December 14th, 2006

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No, I will not do that 12 days of xmas meme. like you guys would care if i did. hahah.

Mmkay, that dentist woman poked that area a little to hard and now it's bleeding. :( stupid mcdonald's fries scratched it and made it worse. dammit it all!

and YAY! Metrocenter Mall finished its food court remodeling. it looks fab. so does the entrance. :D

This one dude driving a truck tried to pick me up when i was walking home. I tried to hide from him but he kept driving around looking for me in a parking lot. I thought he was gone..but i was wrong. I walked towards my apartment complex and there he was, driving down the street. He stopped and said something like "what's your name?"...i just stood there..staring at him. and i yelled "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME I HAVE A KNIFE IN MY PURSE YOU FUCKING IDIOT GO AWAY!!" or whatever. and he drove off. GOD DAMN PERVERTS!! that's the fourth time this month! shit!! what do i look like? a hooker? geezus! damn old lonely stupid pervs. LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!

i was seriously gonna stab the dude if he would have opened his door. seriously.

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