January 3rd, 2007

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Well, that ACTRA strike has been delayed. Negotiations are back on. Pretty much the whole tv and film industry in Canada will shut down if a strike takes place. Tony won't have no work. *sniff* :(

My sister put regular batteries in a rechargeable battery charger thingie. hahaha. she 'wanted to see what it would do'. well nice goin'. the damn batteries exploded. good thing i was in the bathroom before it got worse. i heard a sizzling noise and freaked. haha. durrrrrrrrrr sister..durr. :P

NOTICE: We're moving this week. Yes, this week. I thought it was in the middle of the month but i was wrong. So, as you can imagine, the internet/cable will be off until i don't know when. So don't miss me too much. AND neke, moviesurfer, and dirrtydiesel...i won't be available to co-mod until we have everything set up at our new house. just so you know.

and dirrtydiesel, would you mind finishing up the current challenge for this week? since i won't be here this weekend. Thank you! :D I'll do two weeks of challenges to make up for it.

So anyway, i think we're gonna start cleaning/packing tonight. i don't have much to pack. but i know she's gonna make me help. :P i think i'll have her pay me. and my bf is gonna help, too. :)

Perfume, as i thought was opened a few days ago, is ACTUALLY gonna open on Friday...and i wanna save up money for it. not sure if it's playing at Harkins..i looked on their site and showtimes for the 5th aren't there yet. :(

so...............yeah. dunno when this shitznit is gonna take place. just know when i'm gone, i'm gone. there's the library, of course. :)

*waves* :D
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