January 17th, 2007

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LOL! I just totally mutilated my GOF weekly calendar book. since it was from last year and unusable, what's the point? hehe. I just wanted the pictures anyway. So I cut the pics out, separated the Karkaroff and Snape ones (which i taped to my wall since i'm a fangirl), and put all of them in order. in movie order, i mean. there was one pic that i don't recall seeing in the movie..of the Trio walking somewhere holding each other so they won't fall or something. there's like a waterfall or whatever. was that a cut scene? hmm. so i don't know where to put that pic. lol!

anyway...yah. that's what i did last night. i was bored. :P

I'm making more brushes tonight. during American Idol. for something to do while i sit here for two hours.

speaking of Idol..last night was funny. that one girl..who did the Cowardly Lion. heehee.

one of our own Idol's (who won Arizona Idol) auditioned in Seattle. we'll find out tonight if she goes through to Hollywood. i hope they show her.
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STOCK: food - blueberries

people taking shit too seriously

Dear cat_macros, shit people...lighten up!

I made some cat macros at...cat_macros..this morning, and people are all getting uptight about it. saying how i fail the internet and such.

WELL POO ON YOU MEANIES!! they're just fucking cat macros. who said they had to be in good taste? :P

I'm not about good taste. I'm vulgar and sinful. I don't have a clean and innocent mind. so poo on you :P lol!!

anyway...back to bed.
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