February 1st, 2007

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My first post at twilighttrees is here!

LOLZ...in ur LJ's, spammin' ur flists :P

Hey, Lauren here. I got tons of icons at my new community.

*Heroes (episode "Godsend")
*Kate Winslet
*Gwen Stefani
*Megan Ewing
*Scarlett Johansson


Find them HERE @ twilighttrees

Hey guys, I'm looking for members and makers. So have a look! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR AND CHOCOLATE AND STUFF ON TOP?! :D
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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Did anyone else see Christina Aguilera on Leno tonight? it RULED! I love that song..Candyman. and i'm sooooo glad it's her next single. kick ass :D i love her.

Anyway, I got 10 members already on TT. pretty good start :)

keep cool my babies ;)

lol...Conan is on. i love him, toooooooo.

I had a dream that the Grammy Awards were on a few days early. eep! speaking of which, I looked on the tv schedule and the show is 3 HOURS LONG! o_O :O wtf? it's usually 3 1/2 hours. hahah. I hope the Oscars aren't that long. hahah..but then again.......:/
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