February 3rd, 2007

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About my icon. Does anyone remember The Famous Jett Jackson? well it was cancelled 5 years ago. That's Tony..on the right..duh. lol. eeee i've been a fan since November of 2000. :) 6 fuckin' years of Tony wanting/drooling/perving/etc. AND I'LL NEVER STOP! :P

Anyway, when i was sleeping yesterday, a piece of my tooth broke! the tooth that needs to come out. i felt a hard piece of something in my mouth..and realized what it was. i'm not in pain. in fact, i've not had tooth pain in weeks. :)

I got 8 makers at twilighttrees. pretty good start. I know two of you wanna be makers too..so you better apply. lol. and one of you has to resubmit their application 'cause i forgot to add to include examples. so you have to. okies? okies.

I have NOTHING to eat. i'm eating ice cream bars..and that's it :( well..i have food...but i can't go to the store again until the 7th. :/ my sister just HAD to have me spend all my foodstamps at once. that's a BAD idea. seriously. i don't have dinner for two days as well. so i guess i'll have to eat ramen :( i DO, however, have $5 on my card. and $2 in change. so i'm gonna get some goodies and go to McDonald's to get fries. probably on sunday.

i REALLY wanna go swimming. sometimes i just stand at the edge of the pool, wanting to jump. but it's cold as hell. but i really really wanna do it. i don't got the guts. i'm sure people swim in 50F water all the time :P lol!

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STOCK: food - blueberries

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DH spoiler?

From snitchseeker:


Does the identity of the bust signed by JK Rowling give us a clue to one of the deaths in book 7? As we reported earlier, she finished the seventh book while staying at the five-star Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. Before checking out, she marked the occasion with a tantalising inscription scribbled on the back of a Roman-style bust.

Quote: According to one report, the bust depicts Hadrian, the Roman emperor who built the eponymous wall to divide Roman Britain from the “barbarians” in the north.

The hotel says the identity of the bust is incorrect, but if it correct here are a few very interesting facts. The wall is known as Hardrain's wall. After falling into ill repair, it was later restored by Emperor Septimius Severus and passes near the Yorkshire village of Snape.

This is leading many to believe that Potion Master Severus Snape is one of the deaths in book 7. We will have to wait until July 21 to discover if this more than a rumor.


If this is true, BITCH WILL DIE!!! >:O

well..i hope he goes down a hero. and not to die like a pussy. if it's true, i mean. :(
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