February 4th, 2007

STOCK: food - blueberries

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I'm going to hell for this. but it MUST be done:

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Think you can do worse? be my guest :P
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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ICON FREEBIE REQUESTS! It'd be nice if you'd join to request, but i'm opening this to the whole world :P You can choose up to 3 icons out of 10. :)


It's not fair, my family gets to go to Castles & Coasters while i get to stay home. :( typical. i never join in any fun. fuck them. i'd be sleeping all day anyway. and i'm probably too fat to fit in the rides now. hahahah. i doubt it..but still *sniff*..not fair. HOW RUDE!

i'm so tired...probably 'cause i chugged some coconut rum a half hour ago. lol. i even almost jumped in the pool..until reality hit me. :P

off to bed. in my warm warm bed..in my cold cold room :/
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HP: slytherin

almost had a heart attack!

I was reading my feeds page and saw that some HP news sites said that DH wouldn't be released as an e-book. i immediately thought it was meant as an audio book. you guys know i'm not into reading books. and then i read the comments on TLC and realized it wasn't what i thought it was. the previous books weren't released as e-books. duh! lol! it's NOT an audio book. lols. what it is

i'm so dumb :P don't mind me. haha.
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