February 8th, 2007

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I'm gonna go jump in the pool. yes, the pool. 50F outside. I'M GONNA DO IT!! lols. yes, i'm insane. but people swim in cold water all the time...right? lol. besides, i'm going into the hot shower when i'm done. so i'll live.

well...........here i go. muahahahha!

if i don't ever post again, then i died. :P
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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that.........was.........AWESOME!! I've never felt anything so cold in my life. it took me 5 minutes to get the guts to do it. so..i jumped. it was like a rush i've never felt before. i shouldn't have let water go in my mouth..'cause it was NASTY. the water is salty for some reason. I guess there's too much chlorine. I checked the pool thermometer and it's 52F. lol!

i was standing by the pool light. i told you guys that it changes colors. it's trippy when you stand by it. i put my hands in front of the light. when it turned from purple to red, i felt like i was on drugs. it's odd. lol!

after a few minutes i got a little used to it. my hands started to swell up and they were hurting. now they're still swollen. o_O

so i'm gonna go cuddle in my electric blanket now. i better not get sick..dammit.

i know one thing. i don't think i'll ever be cold again. lol!

lol! my fingers are so swollen i can't make a fist properly. hahhahah.

i'm a loser :P

so don't EVER jump in a pool when it's 50F out. lol. unless you're in canada. :P 'cause i'm sure you guys do anyway. haha.

i think i need to see a psychiatric doctor. hahahahhaha. i just wanted to go swimming so damn badly. hehe. wow. i'm insane. :P
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