February 21st, 2007

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Few things before i go back to bed:

*Someone is making a layout just for me, so you won't be seeing this one for very long. i know it probably annoys you. i'm sick of looking at it myself.

*I gotta change my userinfo 'layout'. since i know how to do it properly now (see twilighttrees' userinfo to know what i'm talking about)

if i wanted to use a website template layout, would it work on Angelfire? since i can't pay for anything fancy. (i wanna pimp out tony's site..for free :P )
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HP: slytherin

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Alright flist, listen up. WHO IN THE HELL SAID THE MARAUDERS AND SNAPE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MEGA-GORGEOUS?! i mean, c'mon. Adult-Sirius ain't all that now, so what makes you think the film makers would make him hot back then? :P lol!

Let's see what we got herre...
First..Snapeypoo back in da day:
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my thoughts: *sings*CRAWWWWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN!!* J/K!! *hugs him* poor emo-Snape. lol! anyway, he looks good. i'm serious. i thought they'd make him alot worse looking. alec isn't totally the cutest guy ever, but he raises a few points with me when he puts that wig on :)

and now..the enemies:
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FUG FUG FUG FUG FUG FUG FUG FUG!, etc. where the fuck is Remus??? boooo marauders. lol! and LOL @ Sirius' hair. and he sorta looks like Neville with a fucked up hair style. :P LOL @ fug!James. i thought the actor was hot, why isn't James? :P boo. and MEGALOL @ Peter's hair. OMG sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fug goin' on here. i can't wait to LMAO @ them in the theatre.
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