February 24th, 2007

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I have a funny story to go with my icon :P

I was sitting in the kitchen this morning..reading some mail i got, and Zoe goes in her litter box (it's by the table..unsanitary, i know..no where else to put it)..and does her thing. Suddenly i hear these bubbling fart sounds. (those sounds were so fucking funny. like tiny farts out out of her little ass with bubble sounds included) and my brain goes "GTFOBAIL!!" uuuuuuuhhhhhh noooooooooo!! she went softie pewpies!!! like water!! so fucking smelly. OMG. AHHHHH! i can still smell it. apparently my sister's friends gave her some vanilla ice cream last night. those fuckers should know that dairy+cats=sludge. :(


aaaaanyway, i'm uploading all my icons (that i didn't make) onto my photobucket and deleting them off my computer. i need the space. flock sure is slow with huge batch uploading. this is gonna take awhile :(
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