March 6th, 2007

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that stupid photobucket bandwidth shit sure messed up my chances of winning an icontest for this week :( after all that hard work i did on those icons. and i deleted them from my computer. and i can't access my icontests folder. dammit :( i could have resubmitted. fucking a! >:(

mmmmmm ice cream bars. i'm such a fat ass. this is my 4th one since last night. :P they're not very big. they're cheap, of course. i can't afford those nice ones. you know, those Dove ice cream bars. *drools* fucking food stamps. oh well. at least it's free food. :P

i need to stop getting those Banquet tv dinners. i'm sick of those damn things. i've been eating those for dinner for the past 2 years. (not EVERY night, of course) *sigh* :( they're a $1 each so...yeah.

Does anyone else think Snape and Narcissa had a thing back in the day? before she married Lucius? i dunno. hmmmmmm. oh well. lol.

*starts chapter 4 or HBP..yay*
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