March 13th, 2007

STOCK: food - blueberries

(no subject) update. Well lesseeeeeee. i'm doing the same crap i do everyday. :/

I'm borrowing a different monitor. it's nicer. bigger. and brighter. i had to do the Adobe Gamma thing. was easier than i thought it would be. too bad pics are smaller, 'cause i had to change my resolution. everything was huge and distorted. lol!

I'm enjoying American Idol. I'm rooting for Jordin, Chris Sligh, and Sanjaya. and i sorta like Stephanie, too.

It seems Spring has skipped and Summer is already here. lol! we're already swimming. :P

My neice fucked up her computer...again. she can't start it up. it says it's missing the hal.dll file. LOL OWNED!! i need the XP disk to repair it. i can't find it :(

FUCING GNATS!! they won't leave me alone. i think they're gnats. they're the little bugs that turn into flies i think. i really need a proper door. :(

I reaaaaaallllly like Joss Stone. I like her voice. :) yup.

Hmmm what else......i dunno. nothin' else for now.
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