April 17th, 2007

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oh god...it's already a meme. :/

i would laugh but that shit ain't funny. plus i'm trying not to go to hell now. :P


Anyway, i'm gonna convert ALL my music (that is over 128kbps) files into 128kbps bitrate. i think i'll save 1GB or so that way. 'cause a 15MB song at 320kbps is fucking rediculous. 128kbps sounds just as good. and with all the plugins i got for winamp, it sounds great even with crappy files. :P

it's gonna take a few days. since my file converter is slow. plus i gotta check the songs to see if they converted correctly..sometimes the converter screws it up :/


gonna do another community sweep this week. i think about 40% of the communities i'm in aren't active. i know i'm allowed to have tons more comm's/people friended since i'm on a payed account, i'm just picky with space and whatnot.
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