April 20th, 2007

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I made this and i don't know why o_o

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I wanted to make textures in Paint Shop Pro from scratch..but i ended up making this stupid thing :/

i'm not gonna use it for anything..so if you want it for whatever reason, go right ahead and snag it. i don't care. heheh.

I think I should take a look at GIMPshop again (if it doesn't crash like it always does) and see what i can make from that. looks like it has some interesting filters. but it's hard to figure things out in that damn program. :(


No new Numb3rs tonight again. dammit. well, looks like i'll be sleeping late again.


The diet is going ok. i'm more hungry than usual, but whatever. :/ i have to finish off my leftover easter candy and soda that i have. damn. i don't wanna waste it.
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