May 6th, 2007

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Statement from Amy Lee:

"Evanescence is alive and well. John and Rocky were in Evanescence for four years and we shared some great times together playing live, but they were ready to move on and so we have parted ways. Evanescence is something I have loved and nurtured since I was fourteen, and I will continue to protect and fight for it as I always have. Terry, Tim and I are very excited to play live with some amazing new musicians and we will rock harder than ever. Stay tuned for more news on that front. And don't worry about the tour, guys. Nothing will be cancelled and we will see you soon!"


hmmmm. mmkay. at least it's better than nothing.

since she got married today, or so it seems, people need to give her time. everyone wants answers NOW, but guess what? we're not getting them right now. HAVE PATIENCE!!

seriously. people need to calm the fuck down. and stop hating Amy, too. for the time being, at least..since we don't know the whole story yet. and you know what? i doubt we will. partially it's none of our business, actually.

as David Spade would say, "there, i said it." >:(
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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stockiconawards :D :D :D



I thought this was funny. a quote by David Yates:
"It’s a very intense scene. Harry's so out of his depth, he's emotionally pretty much destroyed by this point and given up all hope. We're the French Resistance and Voldemort and the Death Eaters are the Nazis. Obviously, in a magical context. Harry's like a Vietnam veteran . He's seen awful things and come back into a society that's rejected him. That's the main parallel I've been drawing on." O_O lol!!


*watching Phil Of The Future*
*Curtis says something caveman-ish*
Pim: CURTIS!! You're an American now, SPEAK ENGLISH!
*Curtis mocks her*
Curtis: spee engrish!! :P

lol!! I love Curtis.

Speaking of him, the actor who plays him *cough*icon*cough*, JP Manoux, has a myspace. i added him of course. he sent me a private message thanking me for ..stuff. i dunno. lol!! i luffs him. he's awesome. :P now if only he was single. MUAHAHAH!!
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