May 11th, 2007

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I'm obviously back online. hehehe. Just got home from Jordin Sparks' 'homecoming'. it..was...SWEET! :D

*Only took an hour on the bus to get there. But i'm not used to Glendale so i got confused on where to catch the Luke Link bus at. hahahah. durrr. so i was 10 minutes late. but that's fine since she didn't appear until 20 minutes later.

*It was sooo damn hot. i think i went through 4 water bottles. :P some lady passed out..but she's fine. :/

*I was on the south area of the stage. i was pretty close, i guess. but still too short to see anything. i barely saw her. but it was good enough for me. hehe.

*They were shooting a commercial for some Super Bowl thingie and we had to yell some stuff to the cameras. i didn't yell 'cause i don't care. :P lol!!

*When Jordin arrived i never screamed so loud in my life. she only performed 3 songs. she was there for about 15 or 20 minutes or so.

*Some people gave her gifts and whatnot. sports related celebs were there. like Wayne freaking Gretzy!! :D woo!! :P She got jersies, a Phoenix Suns signed basketball, gift bags, etc. freaking lucky!! heheh

*Guys asked her to the prom and a marriage proposal. lols!! she would have gone to the prom with the guy except she won't be here tomorrow. lol!! and for the proposal, she was like "i'm only 17!!" hahahha!! pwn3d. :P

*I'm glad it ended early. i just wanted to go home and rest.

*I doubt i'll see myself on tv. i'm short. and i didn't have a sign. but i did wear a bright blue shirt. so i dunno. :P

So yeah, that's my day. :D :D :D

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