June 25th, 2007

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we have 3 VERY cute kittens that live in our backyard..eating Binx's food..etc. (2 black, 1 grey..that i've seen so far) I think they're 3 weeks old. they tiiiiiny. they hate humans. great..more feral cats to feed. URGH! oh well. they'll warm up to us in time. but they need to go. i don't think my sister is gonna wanna feed more cats. :/

I bet Binx is the dad. now i wonder where mom is. they're living in the shed on the side of the house. i tried to find them..but they're in there somewhere o_O

anyway..yeah. :/

I just CAN'T bring myself to like Amy Winehouse. there's something about that woman that makes me wanna punch her in the face. seriously. that'd make me feel good. to punch her. lol. i just..can't...like..her. *rips hair out* sooooooooo sorry if any of you like her. don't mind me. hahahah.

I think i wanna do Bon Jovi. all day..all night. seriously. he's fukken gorgeous. ♥
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    Eminem - White America (hahaha i don't know why)