June 30th, 2007

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-I didn't go swimming last night, so i'm gonna go this morning..right now..at 5am. hahah. :P

-Last night me and my family went to see High School Musical, the play. at the Herberger Theatre downtown. I loved it. i thought it was gonna be the concert, but i was wrong :( ah well, it was nice. the Valley Youth Theatre did the performance. Jordin Sparks was in the VYT back in the day..i didn't know that. hahah.

-*sigh*..i'll have po put up voting for two icontest. i don't wanna. i'm sick of the lack of fucking entries in ALL the icontests i mod. i should just say fuck it and not mod those places anymore. i dunno. one of them used to be more active. there's about 100 members, and only 3 or so enter. me, another mod, and someone else. two other icontests i mod only me and the mod enter. jeezus kryst people. lazy asses. i think i'm gonna give a mean post, since niceness isn't working. sad faces don't work, either.

-I'm behind doing Kim Possible icons. i have two more eppys to do. i did Cap'n Drakken, i still need to do Mathter and Fervent..and some other one. a new eppy is coming on this weekend, so i'll be THREE eppy's behind. *sigh* :( pressure man, pressure. *sniff*

-My crush on JP Manoux is increasing. i love that man. he's so nice and awesome. he's the only 'celeb' that actually talks to me on myspace. haha.

-The kittens are gone. they're not in our backyard anymore. i think the mom moved them b/c they're scared of us. fucking lame. but oh well, less cats to feed.

-It's amazing how greatestjournal NEVER has any downtime or errors, yet LJ does pretty much 24/7. and they use the same software too. hahahahahha.

-I don't think i should read OOTP screening spoilers anymore. i read something about..some scene..and i think i'm going to be disappointed in that perticular scene. fuck man..fuck :(

-It was Pedja's (Karkaroff) 45th bday yesterday. it slipped my mind. my bad :( he's going to be in Prince Caspian (the 2nd Narnia installment) :D a small role, but effing worth it. i luff him. sooooooooooooooooooooo much.

-Hey Mandy, have you texted the boy back yet? anything juicy going on right now? (my MSN isn't working right now for some reason, but i'll be on it ASAP)


Nevermind about the kittens, they're still there. :/ and they ate all the cat food i put out, too. poor Binx. :( you should have seen him begging. but we only got a little bit left for Zoe. stupid pig ass kittens! >:( i wanted to squirt them with water guns in the pool, but didn't have the heart. hahah.

and swimming in the early morning is sooooooooooo fun. haha. :P
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