July 10th, 2007

STOCK: food - blueberries

public service announcement


yes, that's my full name :P

this means that i can blow up LIKE THAT. i'm already pissed off about different stuff. and slightly hyper. i fell fat, ill, etc. i wish this didn't happen, 'cause of tomorrow. tomorrow is such a great day. NOTHING will fuck it up. NOTHING!

YAY!! America's Got Talent is on! :D and then Pirate Master. i HATE that they switched all my shows around. :( i won't have anything to watch the rest of the week. i think Last Comic Standing is tomorrow, though. not sure. :/

i'm bored. i'm only gonna be awake for 6 more hours. gotta be up early tomorrow. i won't be able to sleep much. not just b/c of the excitement, but 'cause of the ghost. i can't sleep at night in the dark anymore. i hate it. :(

i have to see the first showing of the movie, which is at 930am. :)
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